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Dr. Kenneth A Piering

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Jacksonville, FL 32224
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Piering Chiropractic has moved!

Dr. Piering's office is no longer at American Chiropractic. He has relocated to 1650 San Pablo Road South, #14, Jacksonville, FL 32224. Please contact the office if you have trouble finding the new location.

Feel Better, Live Better through Chiropractic

Do you suffer from pain in your neck, back, or limbs?

Before turning to drugs or risky surgery, consider a chiropractic evaluation by Dr. Kenneth Piering, founder of Advantage Chiropractic Center and now, Piering Chiropractic. For more than 25 years, people in the Washington D.C. area trusted Dr. Piering to evaluate their condition, honestly assess whether chiropractic care can help, and provide expert treatment. He now brings his experience and expertise to serve Jacksonville Beach and the surrounding areas. A graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Piering has treated thousands of patients and provided lasting relief from back, neck, and musculoskeletal pain resulting from injuries, stress, and disease. In fact, other chiropractors come to him for their own chiropractic care.

The Piering Chiropractic Difference

Free initial consultation. You shouldn't have to pay to find out if chiropractic is right for you and your condition. Take advantage of our no-cost, no-obligation consultation that includes a complete case history review and honest assessment if chiropractic care is right for you.

Honest evaluation results. Chiropractic is not right for every person or every case. If your condition requires conventional medical treatment, Dr. Piering will tell you.

Expert treatment. Piering Chiropractic is committed to providing patients with the care they need to heal and to maintain good health and well being. Dr. Piering's reputation is built on decades of giving each patient appropriate chiropractic treatment and useful counseling about exercise and other lifestyle changes to help avoid injuries and live healthfully.


Dr. Kenneth Piering has recently relocated to Florida. Advantage Chiropractic in Germantown, Maryland has been taken over by Dr. Charlie Ginsburg. Dr. Ginsburg's website can viewed here.