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"Came to Dr. Ken 5 weeks ago with constant pain in pelvis and lower back. Dr. Ken identified alignment issues, prescribed a course of treatment and results have been very good. Pain is gone and mobility and flexibility has improved."

– R. Brown from Jacksonville Beach, FL

"I was in severe pain and could barely walk or even function. After the 1st treatment I was feeling dramatically better, I was coming in twice per week and have never felt better. No more pain. I can do all my normal activities without being uncomfortable, which is very important, being a mom of 4!"

– E. Pepperkorn from Jacksonville Beach, FL

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Piering for several months. My overall experience has been excellent. Dr Piering and his staff are professional and I highly recommend them. "

– Julie B. from Jacksonville Beach, FL

"I injured my back 35 years ago. It got progressively worse and I had surgery in 2000. Being under regular chiropractic care, I thought I was doomed to live in pain. My right hip hurt so bad and I could feel the nerve, which made the pain worse. After one visit, my pain went away. I recommend Dr. Piering."

– Theresa G. from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I've had Back problems for over 30 years now and I have seen a LOT of Dr's, Chiros, Massage therapists and Acupuncturist. When you are in pain you will try anything. Well I was lucky enough to find this place and wow what a difference.
They have a coupon going to get new customers and are offering 3 visits free. It was a very thorough evaluation and the treatment was very successful! Not often I can say that so I wanted to share it with others!"

– Darlene F. from Neptune Beach, FL

"Thanks to Dr. Piering, I was migraine and vertigo free for 13 years, after suffering from both for over 9 years. Within 6 months of him relocating to Florida, I began experiencing all of the old symptoms. It now takes a different chiropractor, message therapy, ultrasound combo therapy, and a personal trainer to get half of the relief I was able to find under Dr. Piering's care. Not only was I pain free for all of those years but Dr. Piering taught me how to understand what my body was telling me so that I could schedule my next appointment based on my needs instead of an arbitrary date. My next trip to Jacksonville will absolutely include a visit"

– Sabina M. from North Potomac, MD

"Dr. P is the best :) Knowledgeable and has helped me with neck, mid and lower back issues, as well as headaches. Once I somehow popped a rib out of place and Dr. P was able to fix it in one quick adjustment."

– Denise P.

"Simply the best Chiropractor I have ever had, Dr. Ken Piering is in a class all by himself!"

– Randy H. from Pasadena, MD

"Ken Piering has kept our family healthy and well-adjusted for years. He's the one member of our healthcare team that we absolutely, positively could not do without."

– Robert A. from Gaithersburg, MD

"I've been going to Dr. Ken Piering for about 30 years and his adjustments are the best. I've moved to Florida about 4 years ago but whenever I'm in town I always get an adjustment from Ken. One adjustment is equal to 3-4 adjustments from other Chiropractors."

– Jeff M. from from Longwood, FL

"Our oldest son is suffering from an autoimmune attack on his nervous system. He lost use of his neck and arms 9 months ago. Ever since he found out about our son's condition, Dr. Piering has been making house calls to relieve our son's pain. We are so grateful. He's an amazing person."

– Sherry A. from Gaithersburg, MD

"Dr. Piering was my former chiropractor's chiropractor. I became his patient three years ago and he's now my preferred healthcare provider. It doesn't matter if the pain is from my job, sports, or just growing older, Dr. Piering can relieve it quickly and give me advice on avoiding problems in the future. His license plate – MGC HNDS (Magic Hands) is right. He can really help you."

– Rob A. from Gaithersburg, MD